Our products take a design focus, with a utilitarian-centered approach with newness every 4 seasons. We design with combinations of various Metals / Woods / Glass/ Ceramic. United with combinations of techniques and finishes for metal. Our manufacturing techniques for the world market with extensivecare for quality and proactively pushing for timely delivery. Today, the metal manufacturing division stands as major part of The Shahid Group focusing on delivering a good quality product at the right price.


Shahid Group was Founded in 1952 by Mr. Mohammed Shahid. Developing a business with understanding of decorative industry manufacturing in India he became a pioneer in trading and international commerce. He passed his trade-craft and acumen to the members of the Shahid Group family. With time, the flourishing enterprise fueled expansion and diversification into various industries. The same spirit lives today. The group has diversified with offices in New Delhi and New York and Moradabad and various businesses in manufacturing, retail, online and real estate.



Zakaria Shahid Industries (Metal Handicrafts)
The company manufactures and exports Home Accessories Decorative, Lighting, Outdoor,Furniture,Seasonal and Giftware since 60 years to the world's leading companies. Zakaria delivers quality product from a combination of machine and handwork within a facility of 2 lac sq.ft.

Metro Ceramics (Stoneware) Ceramic manufacturing is 16 years in business with a professional team of ceramic experts running the production facility for stoneware. This is majorly distributed as dinner sets and tea sets throughout cities in India and exports to only specific export clients.

ZAKS HOME (Furniture and Accessories)
We are in the process of formalising vision of bringing all wood manufacturing capabilities under one roof for our focus clients. We have received extensive support and appreciation from all our clients.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Zakaria Shahid Industries supports over 1800 families through its business directly and indirectly. The company works against child labour, an issue in the Indian industry.
We also run charity foundations for the benefit of less privileged children. The company also plans to give back to the community by bringing a charity hospital to the city of Moradabad.


  • Zakaria Shahid Industries supports over 1800 families through its businesses
  • Propagated and led "Abolition of Child labour" in the industry
  • We have well-integrated Social, Environmental and Ethical compliance norms into the everyday workings of all facilities. It is critical to levy strict standards for all processes and staff
  • We follow strict Labour Norms &conduct regular Staff and Quality Training activities
  • We have worked tirelessly to make our employees' working conditions better
  • We follow significant Emergency Training, Entry & Exit Protocol for a safer working environment
  • We invest on a daily basis to manage our Waste and control our carbon footprint on the planet to ensure Staff Safety and Health Safety

Zakaria Shahid Industries is a SEDEX subscribed vendor. Raw materials used are of the best quality and we provide test reports from renowned companies like SGS. Zakaria Shahid Industries' policies focuses and encourages on increasing traceability of intermediary goods of finished products for reliability on sourcing of raw material. Climate change is increasingly recognized as the most serious long-term threat to human prosperity and way of life. There is a growing body of evidence that demonstrates the importance of taking action to reduce environmental damage. ZakariaShahidIndustries's Policy to reduce the direct impact of our operations on climate change by taking action in areas where we are able to have the great impact. We have an effluent treatment plant to \remove toxics from liquids before discharge and carry out tests such as Stack emission tests, Air quality test, Process emission tests for departments needed like Polishing, Laquer, Powder Coating, Electro Plating Department.

Zakaria Shahid Industries strives to supply quality merchandise and it's one of the company's core values. We have tirelessly worked along with our clients to achieve the desired high-end quality that is welcome on the high-street.
A full dedicated team of quality checkers in each department segregate products not meeting quality standards of the company. All seal samples are passed by quality systems head and each product is matched to that seal sample. The management involves themselves pro-actively in quality checks and issues to maintain quality norms and output of the firm.

Our code of conduct sets out the core principles that our team members follow to ensure products are made in good working conditions, and that the people making them are treated decently and paid a fair wage based upon Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI), which is itself founded on the conventions of the International Labor Organization and is an internationally recognized code of labour practice. Working towards ethical and fair business in India is often challenging and can only be achieved through a program of continuous improvement, learning and assessment; one that encourages and fosters stakeholder engagement. And our company to ensure compliance undergoes audits, consultation and training. As a vendor to the biggest global brands, we have a responsibility to act ethically and we embrace this responsibility as an opportunity to be a great force for good for our organization and the society at large. We, at Zakaria are committed to providing the best possible value chain for our customers, but not at the expense of the people who make our products.


Audited Factory for following:

  • SA8000
  • BSCI
  • Direct Client Technical Audits
  • IS09001