Cradle of Innovation

With a long and deep understanding of global markets, clients are able to tap into the massive development and production capability. Experience of Developing products for the best global brands by following and forecasting global trends and market research has been a course of engagement every season. Innovative products, united with mass production infrastructure and consistent quality and competitive pricing to cater to the competitive global brands. CDR design products with hands on experience of production techniques Sample development department makes dies and masters for all designs to avoid blockages in production. Capabilities to give vast number of finishes from powder coating, electroplating, resin finishes, etching, hammered finishes, embossing and lacing to enhance design capabilities and output high value products.

Materials we innovate with

  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Stainless Steel
  • Mild Steel
  • Glass
  • Wood   Wood alternatives
  • Ceramic

Infrastructure / Capacity

We, at the factory have complete end to end in-house production capabilities as required by our majority clients. Our in-house facilities include:

  • Sand Casting Shop
  • Aluminium and Brass Casting Facilities
  • Buffing and Polishing Unit
  • Spinning and Making Shop
  • Pressing and Tooling Shop
  • Paint Shop
  • Lacquer Shop
  • Powder Coating Shop
  • Electroplating Unit
  • All Assembly Unit for all product lines
  • Box and Carton Manufacturing Unit
  • Glass Polishing and Finishing Shop


We at Zakaria Shahid Industries strive to provide the high-end quality to our clients. At each point, QA teams are deputed to inspect, which starts from the time the raw material comes into the factory, to first stage of raw products and to the last stage of manufacturing, up to final pre-shipment Inspections by our in-house QA Teams well defined QA processes and systems are implemented. With all our clients, our level of Quality delivery has been near 99%, over the years, proving the efficiency of our QA system.

Customer Relationship Management

Creativity coupled with modern production techniques has put us in the big league of export-oriented manufacturers. Our inherent strength lies in innovative products coupled with mass production infrastructure and consistent quality. We have a fully integrated in-house manufacturing facility with full compliance of all Social, Technical and Environmental protection guidelines of the Central and State Governments. Over the years, our experience in catering to the needs of International Buyers, we have disseminated the information on needs and tastes of the international clientele and built up a database, which is always under constant review and updated. We continue to offer our customer's tremendous flexibility, huge production capacities, extensive quality control and competitive pricing that they have come to expect of us, over the years.